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Amaze Me Premium Keratin Lash Lift Instruction Manual & Tips of Do & Don't
Amaze Me Premium Keratin Lash Lift Instruction Manual & Tips of Do & Don't

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Full Text Instruction Manual with Demo Photos & Tips Do & Don't
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What is keratin Lash Lift

A lash lift is is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift your natural eyelashes without the need for fake eyelashes. A solution is applied that changes the bonds of the lash hairs permanently, hence why they “lift” and stay lifted for months. Over time, those lashes fall out and new ones grow back in, and those new ones have the original bonds. A lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, so giving a nice shape upward and a realistic curl for any lash types

After cleansing the lashes and separating bottom lashes from top, a silicone eye pads gets stuck on the skin using a gentle adhesive (similar to the glue used to apply false lashes). Adhesive is applied on top of the silicone eye pads as well, then lashes are combed up to take their shape. Here is where eye-safe Lift Solution is applied.

Our Lift Solution acts as a softener so that's going in and softening the bond of hair so that it's moldable. Our Lift Solution #1 which is made up of organic compounds thioglycolic acid for breaking down and softening the lash to adapt its shape.

It depends on the hair type, it takes approximately 8-12 minutes of our Lift Solution #1 & Fixation #2

The Fixation #2, it hardens everything back up and restructures the bond and makes them hard again. It locks in the shape. The Fixation #2 is followed by Nourish #4 & Keratin Lash Booster , which contains keratin in it, to add moisture back in the lashes. It's kind of like dyeing or bleaching your hair, then following it with conditioner.

Lash lifts last six to eight weeks.

We usually recommend clients come in at the eight-week mark just for a redo. "What happens is all the hairs have now been shaped to be lifted and as they shed naturally, a straight one will grow in behind it. Some people need them sooner, some need them longer it just depends on the lash cycle."

Lash lifts cost $50 - $100 per session.

This is the price range for reference. It definitely depends on where you go for the service but, across the board, Lash lifts are more affordable than extensions.

Can wear mascara.

Because it's just the natural lashes being curled, it’s free to use whatever eye makeup you wish. Just have to wait 24 hours.

can also option for a lash tint.

"If client is going to put mascara on everyday anyways then don’t need a tint,but for those people that are on vacation and they don’t want to do anything, then adding a tint can add extra depth and darkness." Just keep in mind the tint lasts about three weeks.

The first 24 hours after a lash lift are crucial.

On top of not wearing mascara, you should avoid wetting them, steam, and all forms of moisture and humidity, and wearing eye makeup to make the curl last. There is no healing downtime require after lash lift treatment

Lash lift is low maintenance and no healing downtime

While lash extensions required to be extra careful doing anything—washing face, sleeping a certain way, applying makeup. Doing lash lift, you haven't had to think at all about your lashes since getting a lift, when wake up, add mascara, and you are good to go. We are strongly recommend after lash lift treatment, client apply our Keratin Lash Booster for upkeep to keep conditioning and nourishing the lashes nightly. Lash lifts are literally the lowest maintenance and less time for daily care.

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