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4 pairs x N17 (Sexy) - Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit (No Glue Needed) 4 pairs x N17 (Sexy) - Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit (No Glue Needed)

♥ MAGNETIC EYELINER: This magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is also smudge-proof and is used with a familiar brush. No need for any sticky glue, tape adhesive!
♥ MAGNETIC EYELASHES: The false eyelashes are with light weight, you even can't feel it when you wear it. We choose absolutely safe ingredients, premium quality eyelashes made of silk, super comfortable and lightweight, and used the upgrade magnetic technology, to give our customers best experience.
♥ Four PAIRS: Now you have not just one pair, but also Four Pairs. This allows you to experience the benefits of our magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes kit even longer. You can get 4 times the value for a small price compared to those that have just one more pair.
♥ EASY-TO-USE: Putting on our Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner kit is very simple. First Apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner. Wait a few minutes for it to become tacky and then the magnetic eyelash on top of it. It is easy to use. No mess! No stress! Just a gorgeous look!
Snap on with tweezers - no special skills needed, good for beginner.
♥ ALL-DAY, LONG-LASTING: Our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit is very durable and strong. Our eyeliner kit is actually made with a stronger formula than other magnetic eyeliners. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t fade. You can enjoy your beautiful lash look all-day long!

Please can view the demo video and apply instruction as below

How to Remove?
1. Prepare make up remover and cleansing cotton before remove.
2. Gently remover the magnetic eyelashes, from top to bottom.
3. Use the eye makeup remover and then come off eyeliner.
4. Use the wet wipes clean eyelashes and put into the kit.

How to Simplify your makeup process?
1. Slightly shake the eyeliner before use. (This is very important)
2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner you like.
3. Carefully pick up the magnetic eyelashes.
4. Put on your magnetic eyelashes and adjust. If the length is not suitable, you can cut it or make other adjustments, just like using normal false eyelashes.

1 tube x Eyeliner
1 pcs x Tweezer
4 pairs x N17 (sexy style) False Lashes

Our Price: $19.90